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Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra Seeks Equipment Manager

Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra Seeks Equipment Manager

Join our ensemble! The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) is the largest and one of the most successful and respected after-school youth orchestra programs in the nation. Serving more than 7000 students ages 8-18, MYSO is regularly recognized for its artistic excellence. In addition to symphony & string orchestras, MYSO offers flute, wind, & percussion ensembles, and jazz and steel pan bands…well over 25 ensembles in total.

MYSO’s Equipment Manager will manage all MYSO’s equipment requirements, including percussion, chairs, stands, audio equipment and all MYSO owned instruments, for all rehearsals and performances. The Equipment Manager will perform all equipment logistics, including confirmation of needs, scheduling, transportation, inventory tracking, and repair, among other duties. The successful candidate will demonstrate a strong capacity to work independently and in teams, the physical capacity to move equipment, a valid driver’s license, and strong creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

No additional benefits are offered with this part-time position.

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to Kim Jankowiak, Finance Director at


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