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Madison College's Mitby Theatre


Madison College, 1701 Wright Street
Madison, WI

(608) 243-4000
Handicap accessible
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Madison College's Performing Arts

The Mitby Theater is a 976 seat contemporary proscenium theater located on the Truax Campus of Madison College in Madison, Wisconsin. The Mitby plays host to a wide variety of student/college events, community performances, as well as national touring theater and concerts.

The Truax Campus is on Madison's east side, one block north of East Washington Ave. (Hwy 151) on Stoughton Road (Hwy 51). Parking for evening and weekend events is available in the student parking lot west of the building on Wright Street.

The Mitby Theater, as part of Madison College, is both an educational institution and a government agency and thus we are bound by many parameters and limitations. We ask that the renting organization realize that the first priority of the college is not the use of the facilities as a rental house, but to the educational and community service mission. The service that you will receive by renting the facility will be capable and professional, but your presence on campus is for a short duration and the ongoing commitment to the educational process will receive a higher priority from college personnel. The staff of the Mitby Theater will be at your disposal and will assist in every way within the scope of their position.

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