The Value Of Names

Presented by Next Act Theatre

Location: Off-Broadway Theatre

"Did you hear the one about my reputation…?"

Benny Silverman used to be a big deal on stage and screen, but today the Comic Genius gets by with a little TV.  He's still very funny.  Now his daughter Norma – a chip off the old actor's block -- has caught her break in a play directed by Benny's old ex-friend Leo.  The pals parted ways decades ago after Leo named Benny before the House Committee on Un-American Activities.  Leo kept working while Benny was blacklisted.  At Norma's urging, Leo meets Benny to try to patch things up, but forgiveness is not going to come easy.   Benny's a tough crowd.

"…a provocative subject, superb writing, a consistently engrossing story, and an almost overwhelming emotional wallop at its end."  -- Chicago Tribune


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