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Jeeves at Sea
Broadway Theatre Center's Studio Theatre
Presented By:
Milwaukee Chamber Theatre
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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre - Jeeves At Sea
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Presented by Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Milwaukee Premiere!

Directed by C. Michael Wright

Featuring Matt Daniels, Kathryn Hausman, Chris Klopatek, Josh Krause, Diane Lane & Michael Stebbins


Bertie Wooster and his incomparable valet Jeeves return for a new adventure on the high seas - or, at least, docked off the coast of Monte Carlo. Bertie and his chum Sir Percival Everard Crumpworth (aka Crumpet) are reveling in life aboard the fetching Lady Stella Vanderley's yacht… until Crumpet discloses that he may or may not have murdered a prince. In the blink of an eye, Bertie is masquerading as a romance novelist, Crumpet is posing as his own long-lost twin, and a foreign count is challenging Bertie to a duel! Can Jeeves prevent his master from being murdered - or worse, married?

We may be taking Margaret Raether's fourth adaptation of the P.G. Wodehouse stories into the Studio Theatre, but don't worry - you'll laugh twice as hard when you're close enough to be practically on deck!

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