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Founded in 1992 by French-born choreographer and visionary Jacques Heim, DIAVOLO is a cultural pillar of the Los Angeles community and has performed for hundreds of thousands of concertgoers worldwide as well as millions more on television. DIAVOLO aims to capture and comment upon the ironic and frequently humorous patterns, as well as the darker consequences, of human behavior in the world its built.

The work is searching to expand the boundaries of what is considered to be dance by creating a living cinematic experience of powerful images and abstract narratives. Architectural structures provide the backdrop for dramatic and risky movement, revealing metaphors for the challenge of maintaining humanity and human relationships in modern environments.

VIP Meet & Greet

A limited number of VIP tickets are available and include a post-show meet & greet with the dancers and the structures on stage. (THUFEB 27 only)

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